Travel Centre Counters

Our Travel Centre Counters setting the Industry Standard

Travel Centre Counters

The Input Group were tasked with coming up with a suitable design and working in partnership with a DDA specialist pioneered a counter to suit all requirements. This design and counter will be used by the Department of Rail and Network Rail for an Industry Standard. Following these stages we were commisioned to install these counters across the East Coast Mainline route.  

What was asked

In conjunction with East Coast, The Input Group worked on site specific phasing plans to ensure that these works would keep the Travel Centres and Booking hall in full operation, working in close proximity of passengers and staff.

Following the strip out of the existing counters and the installation of the new counters we then installed new power circuits, Cat6 data, DDA loops, speech transfer units and the installation of call forward systems.

How We Did It

The Input Group's in house manufacturing and project management expertise ensured that all works were completed on time and on budget.

We developed a quick turnaround installation process resulting in minimal disruption to normal proceedings. These new Travel Counters not only improve functional performance of the service areas, but provide a modern aesthetic that uplift the station environment.

  • In partnership with a DDA specialist we pioneered a counter to suit all requirements
  • The Input Group have been commissioned to install these counters across the entire East Coast Mainline Route
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